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25 April 2010 @ 03:16 pm
ladyheatherfic is a fanfic community for the amazing character Lady Heather. It is brand new, even though the character hasn't been featured for quite some time now. She's one of the biggest recurring roles on CSI and if you like reading/writing fic about her, please join. Any pairings are welcomed, slash included.

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17 August 2008 @ 01:06 am

With it being Grissom's birthday today, I have decided to issue a FIC PROMPT. I'll be giving you two prompts; a 24 hour one and a week one.

To be finished by 4 AM EST, AUGUST 18TH 2008 (24 hours): Birthday.
To be finished by 4 AM EST, AUGUST 24TH 2008 (7 days): Reunion.

When posting, PLEASE make sure you say which prompt you are doing.
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28 July 2008 @ 03:16 pm
Hi there!

I've just found this community and am so happy! Alas I am a bit of a traitor 'shipper... so shhhh! don't tell my GSR buddies I'm here! Please! They already don't like the fact that I LOVE Heather... so... umm... keep posting people!!
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30 April 2008 @ 04:41 pm
[1-9] CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY
[10-12] Calleigh Duquesne
[13-19] Catherine Willows
[20] Sam Winchester + Bela Talbot
[21-23] Sam Winchester + Madison
[24-27] Gil Grissom
[28-31] Hamsters
[32-36] Lt. Col. John Sheppard
[37-39] Marg Helgenberger
[40-47] Catherine Willows
[48-55] Marg Helgenberger
[56-61] Catherine Willows
[62-67] Marg Helgenberger
[68-73] CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY
[74-79] One Tree Hill
[80-85] Catherine Willows


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25 April 2008 @ 05:09 am
I want to get this community out of the dead state it seems to be in. So I have a little poll for all you members.

Unfortunately, the language we speak in here doesn't necessarily translate to the world out there.Collapse )

If you select other, please leave a comment with your idea. :D
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23 March 2008 @ 05:33 pm
Til Death Do Us PartCollapse )
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With permission from the Mods. Though admittingly it was a while back, RL had decided to make its presence known. But without further delay....

The 3rd Annual CSI Fanfic Awards nominations are now open. They will be open until Sept 15th. Please make sure to read the rules and regulations on the csifanficawards user info page.

The Awards are open to all three CSI Shows: Vegas, Miami and New York. It's open to Slash, Het and Gen. Open to all pairings (with specific categories for Romance stories). Open to all types of fiction from G to NC-17. Kinky to Fluff. Just come on down to csifanficawards and nominate your favorite stories and authors.

Please pass along this information to your friends and other groups, the more the merry. The past two years have been very successful and we're hoping to see this year be just as successful.

X-posted to a variety of Lj Communites - We do aplogize for the spamming of the F-list. This will be the only post sent out to the communites. To follow the awards please join or watch csifanficawards

Thank You From the CSI Fanfic Awards Team
13 August 2007 @ 08:20 pm

I just joined.... so I could whore out my new Grissom/Lady Heather video. ;)

I don't actually ship them a whole lot, but I just had to make this vid. They've got undeniable chemistry.

Black Widow's Eyes

Let me know what you think...
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07 August 2007 @ 02:48 am
We have a new default icon thanks to manycs2050/manycscreative!

Isn’t it pretty? :D
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05 August 2007 @ 06:50 pm
46 icons – all released challenge entries.
[1-12] Catherine Willows
[13-16] Gil Grissom
[17-32] Marg Helgenberger
[33-36] Julie Cooper
[37-42] Lady Heather Kessler
[43-46] Nick Stokes

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